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MS Excel is a great tool for learning, and we want to help you learn it. At XelBro, we share our expertise with you. Our mission is to help you learn and share your knowledge on Excel with others.

Whether you are looking for free tutorials or professional training in Excel to help you  getting started in the industry or already have some experience working in finance or accounting.

If you’re looking for solutions to problems with your formulas or just curious about what’s possible in Excel, our team of experts can help guide your work from start to finish!

Getting started with Excel learning is easy and straightforward.


Excel learning should start with the basic overview of the application and some common functions, formula, tools & shortcuts.


In Mid level learning should extend with some more complex functions, making nested functions, managing logics and pivot related workings


At this level, you must construct automated reports, use of power query, VBA, Macros, power pivot, use of tables and advance level functions.

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